Lentun - flexible conduits and liquid tight connectors

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Corporate Account

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About the Corporate Account

Corporate account advantages.

  1. 30% off on all items listed on the web site for all corporate account members. Once when a corporate account member logs on to their account, the list prices are shown 30% off.
  2. The discount applies to quantity discounts. That is, a corporate member can take the advantage of multiple discounts.
  3. A corporate member can select PO or Paypal payment upon checkout. (Net 30 for PO payment.)
  4. Free membership.

Qualifications for being a corporate account member.

  1. An individual or a company registered and operated in the US with a US billing address.
  2. Commit a total purchase of $3,000 or more in a year. If a member doesn't fullfill the agreed total purchases, Lentun reserves the rights to cancel the corporate membership. The total purchase is perated if the membership starts in the middle of the year.

How to setup a corporate account?

  1. Fill the following Corporate Member Application form and submit it.
  2. The membership is normally approved in 1-3 working days via an email notice. Once when the membership is approved, the user can enjoy the corporate membership discounts.

Do you ship outside of the US?

Yes, we do. In most cases, the order arrives anywhere in the world within 4-5 days if the destination is not in a rural area.

Do you ship Next Day?

No, we don't ship Next Day. All shipments are charged based on a shipment with a deliverly time of 4-5 days.


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Lentun - flexible conduits and liquid tight connectors
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